Colloidal Silver VS. Silver GANS – What’s the Deal? Part 1

      Realization that the our universe is not quite what we think it is can be a big step to take, but it’s becoming easier and easier every day. That realization is occcuring through the study of plasmas, nano materials, matter creation, quantum physics, the study of sacred geometry and other fringe sciences.



    These new and exciting sciences are poised to change the way we view the world, and already have to those who follow along. We owe great respect to the scientists and researchers who dedicate their lives to figuring out these fine details of reality and bringing the knowledge “back” for the rest of us.



Luckily, we have people like M.T. Keshe, who, has spent his entire life dedicated to figuring out the anwers of the universe and bringing that knowledge to the people.



    For those who are unaware, M.T. Keshe has written numerous papers and books which stand to question the traditional views of science. Debate can be argued as to whether or not the great Stephen Hawking changed his views on Black Holes and their intricate connection they hold  as the governing body of a given space after reading Keshe’s work titled “The creation of Black Hole” (release date: 25.3.2004).



    In this paper it is explained that the Black Hole is created out of a natural sequence of events, and that the existence of the Black Hole in a galaxy is a normal event. Further it is explained that a Black hole is created in similar ways to the Dark Spots on the surface of the Sun. In this paper for the first time, it is explained how the Black Hole is physically created and what function it plays in its galaxy. It also describes that a black hole is the governing body of physics for the universe or galaxy around it, that the black hole is required for the gravity of that body to exist.



     The paper was never published although the findings were acknowleged later.



     Nasseim Haramein can be credited for taking this further in recent years with his discovery of the true physics of the proton and the relationship to the physics of black holes.



     Why didn’t they publish Keshe’s paper or give him credit for his findings which attributed greatly to humanity? The world may never know.



Keshe also released 3 books which are a compilation of all of his research and papers,


BOOK 1 The Universal Order of Creation Of Matters

BOOK 2 The Structure of the Light

BOOK 3 The Origin of the Universe


    His books are highly recommended and should serve as a good basis point for anyone wanted to get involved in learning about his research and technologies. I’ll write more on this later.

Now, let’s dive into the topic at hand.

GANS vs Colloidal Silver


What’s the difference? Is there a difference?


    Short answer, yes, there is a difference. The term colloidal silver refers to any mixture of colloids (nano particles) created using electrolysis and silver. However, the term is very indescriptive because it does not accurately describe the potential differences and variation in each batch of colloidal silver. No two batches of colloidal silver are alike. Just like a snowflake.



    Not all colloidal silver is created equally, and this is mostly due to differences in particle size. If you have ever seen colloidal silver that is amber colored, or gold, this color means a larger particle size is present in that mixure, while a mixture with smaller particles will stay almost clear and have no gold coloration at all. Since the methods used for production vary so greatly, the results will vary also.



    Does particle size matter? Yes, research has shown that our body can filter out smaller particle size more effectively and that those smaller particles can make their way deeper into more delicate parts of the body, allowing for a deeper penetration of those silver particles into your body.



    According to Keshe’s research, the amount of energy contained within the spin of the atoms is greater when they are the size of GANS. GANS literally means GAS in NANO SOLID STATE, meaning a new state of matter that can no longer be considered a solid. The silver is no longer locked tightly in a crystallized form, but in plasmatic form, where it may spin freely and emit spinning plasmatic fields, similar to the sun. At that level, it is held together to nearby atoms bound more loosely by magnetic and gravitational forces, allowing for a much higher transmission of energy between atoms and less resistance. The Resonance Foundation also has a lot of good research on this.



    This would mean that smaller particle size colloidal silver actually contains more ‘energy’ (for lack of a better word), or more ‘spin’, or you could also say it contains more open space, and more therefore more potential for information. To do so is to look at it from a quantum perspective. A GANS potentially retains more of the natural metaphysical properties of the silver, the ‘character’ which may hidden and locked away in the crystalized form of silver (silver bar, silver rod, etc). Smaller particle size also means higher surface area.



    Don’t think silver has metaphysical properties? Think again. All elements have different metaphysical properties which we’re only beginning to understand. Imagine being the first caveman to find a lodestone? Or the first person to realize the amazing properties of copper? Or the first to realize  is the best transmitter? Now we’re beginning to understand the quantum holographic properties of water, and imagine when we discover the metaphysical properties of every element, and how we may truly utilize them?



What about when we start making composite GANSes and other plasmas and applying it to technology? Will it make all of the technology we currently have obsolete? What happens when we start using the plasmatic field energies from these GANSes to supplement the energies which are depleted in our own lives?



    What about of gold? Mono atomic gold and nano gold particles are a highly concentrated area of research currently, with many potential health and technology applications.  We’re only just now beginning to stratch the surface of the new technology, nano gold. It’s not just gold, either. Keshe has also found a way to trap co2 in GANS form and many people have already made silver GANS as well. I will be making some soon and writing much more on this topic. I poured straight co2 GANS on a plant just to see what happened, and the plant did not die. It actually loved it.



    Just remember that some properties of an element aren’t even fully realized until the element is broken apart to the GANS / plasma level and the plasmatic field spin is allowed to spin freely, or combined with others! Colloidal silver contains clumps of particles which are not the same as GANS.



     Is making GANS the way to realize the true potential of a given element? Most likely.



    The variance in the in methods of creation of colloidal silver mean that there is no standard method across the world, and thus, range of size of particles is differing, people are using whatever voltage and amperage they feel is nessecary to make their “colloidal silver”. It’s all considered “colloidal silver”.



However, many of these people are misunderstanding the basic concept which Keshe and many others teach us:
Higher voltage , higher current  = Larger Size
Lower voltage, lower current  = Smaller Size


It’s not really quite that simple, but just remember that it’s always best to use the universe as your template. Do it the way nature does. Salts are the natural way charge is formed in nature, meaning that GANS forms everywhere. GANS is forming all the time. Matter is being created due to plasmatic, magnetic and gravitational field interactions at every moment. We can make use of this universal technology and the future of mankind can benefit.



    There is really only one way to make GANS, but there are many different ways to make colloidal silver. You can basically run any amount of voltage or current through water with silver electrodes and end up with “colloidal silver”. Will it be as powerful as GANS? No. They are two completely different things, and almost truly uncomparable.



One does not drink silver GANS.

One does drink Silver Nano-particles, on the other hand.

Do I recommend drinking silver GANS? No.

Do I recommend drinking silver plasma water crated from silver GANS? Yes.



Keshe says that the energy of GANS is too high for the body to assimilate properly, therefore we only use the plasma water from the GANS. Never drink or touch the GANS itself.



The container with GANS is also filled up with water, the GANS is left to settle and the clear water is the part that is ingested in an amount of 100-300mL per day.



Different sizes of nanos are useful for different things, but I find it’s best to shoot for the smallest particle size when making colloidal silver.  I’ve already had findings that lead to these conclusions myself, but have no way to test the particle size.



    Simply put, Colloidal silver is much different than GANS. Colloidal Silver has no requirement as to particle size or methods of creation, anything goes. GANS, however, is a very specific process in which the absolutely smallest nano plasmas are create — GAS in a NANO SOLID STATE.



GANS is created using only minute background electrical current present only from the salt water solution and placement of electrodes, no boost in power is nessecary, although a voltage of up to 1.28v can be used when using an AA or AAA battery generally.



Quite the contrary to the non-standardized way that people make and consume colloidal silver all over the world, at varying voltages and currents, with no real way to test their results.



Until I learned about Keshe’s GANS methods, I was making colloidal silver using a 27v generator I bought online.
After learning from Keshe, I made a batch of colloidal silver, running at only 3v and 100mA, the batch took over 12 hours to make — when “normal” batches take roughly 90 minutes.  However, the difference in the final result was astounding.

The magnetic snowflake silver webs that normally build up and form on the negative electrode looked much different, instead of being large and bulky like tree roots, they were more like fuzz, much smaller in appearance. One can only assume this was due to the lower current/voltage and thus, lower particle size. I could even tell by the taste that the particles were smaller, somehow.



The color ended up being perfectly clear. I have no way to test the particle size, but I can assume it’s very small compared to anything I would make before. I plan to do it this way every time, and eventually find the best method, which I will post here.


A big difference in particle size was perhaps achieved due to lower voltage and current, but still no where near the size or consistency of GANS production.


GANS is a very specific process in which the procedure cannot be altered to achieve the same results.


Colloidal silver is pretty indescriminate, anything goes with it.


I will be writing more on this in the coming weeks, after experimenting with different voltages and currents while making colloidal silver, and I will be releasing my findings here. That way, we can all make the best colloidal silver possible, and the best GANS as well 🙂


    As you can see, quite simply, Colloidal Silver and Silver GANS are completely different forms of the same element, created in completely different ways, resulting in completely different outcomes. They are not to be compared.

As Keshe would say, “Colloidal silver is the matter state, Silver GANS is not the matter state, it is the GANS STATE”.


 Be careful making colloidal silver without doing some research on how to achieve the smallest particle size first.  Although both of these creations are very different, they both have great uses. Use them wisely.


DISCLAIMER: This is for informational and research purposes only. I do not recommend anyone consume any type of colloidal silver or GANS. Experiment at your own risk. Users are encouraged to use discernment when creating or using nano technology. Be safe.


Thanks for reading,
Peace, love, truth.

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