David Adair

     David Adair swears he’s not a rocket scientist, but he is. He invented an Electromagnetic plasma fusion containment drive, the first for humanity. Such a powerful device could not even be fathomed by most people at this time he created it, and those who wanted it were only bent on war, thus David destroyed it. To save humanity from itself, of course.



A true gentleman.



     We are only now beginning to finally understand the beauty of electromagnetic fusion containment, which could power the world of the future. David’s unique life led him on a trip underground in Area 51, where he was shown an ‘alien’ version of the device he created. The ‘alien’ version spoke to him telepathically, and perhaps was the reason he created his ‘rocket’ in the first place?



Are humans now finally ready for this technology?



The story of David Adair is very intriguing, we thank him for all that he has done furthering humanity and pushing for disclosure.



Thank you for your service, David.



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