M.T. Keshe

Mehran Keshe is a nuclear physicist who can be credited with discovering the fundamentals of the creation of gravitational fields.


His knowledge has sparked scientific breakthroughs in all areas of technology, including energy, health, environmental cleanup, etc.


M.T. Keshe, with the help of his Keshe Foundation / KF SSI Spaceship Institute offer free weekly teachings, free for anyone and everyone

The  collective consciousness of the world is expanding, the world is waking up to Keshe’s miraculous findings and change is taking shape all over the planet.



Keshe released all of his initial research, patents, findings in a USB stick which he provided to many countries simulatenously. He offered this technology free to the world, to anyone who would listen.



Many people from all over the world now take part in learning about plasma technology, spreading this technology to their friends & family, participating in facebook groups such as The Golden Age Of Gans which has almost 20,000 members!



There are also many other facebook groups with people learning about and sharing their experiences with Keshe’s plasma technology. People are beginning to understand the true nature of the universe thanks to Mr. Keshe.


We are forever grateful for you and everything you do.



Thank you, Mehran Keshe.

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