One Cup One Life – Part 2 – New Revelations, Research & Pictures

     Recent revelations regarding the One Cup One Life method by M.T. Keshe have prompted me to write another article,


     The last time I wrote about this, the One Cup One Life original video was spreading like wildfire on the internet, going viral in China and also being one of the most viewed videos that the Keshe Foundation has released, in only a week.


     Someone caught wind of the video and pulled the plug, the original video has been removed from youtube on grounds of violating the terms of service.


     Coincidence? The 300+ other Knowledge Seeker workshops which lay out the workings of the cosmos and our ability to interface with that knowledge are left unotuched?


     Do they think that is really going to stop the spread of that crucial video? Do they not understand that by deleting that video, now they are encouraging people to share it even more? I don’t think these people realize what they are doing.


     Why delete the video which presents a simple tool for eradicating the virus at such a crucial point in time?
Why remove a weapon against viruses which may single handedly stop a pandemic?


     Why? Who stands to gain from removing that? Why not his countless other valuable videos?


     The answer to these questions is not easily discernable, nor relayable to one who does not see ‘the big picture’. To understand that is to understand the core root problem, the plague of our society, if you will. The main stranglehold keeping us back from our next wave of spiritual evolution. The shackles on knowledge.


     Knowledge is power and truth is a weapon.

     Freedom of thought and information is not the basis of the society we live in, but it should be.


     One of the main reasons I love M.T. Keshe is because he understands that knowledge belongs the world, he really gets it. Nikola Tesla got it. Patrick Flanagan got it. Buddha got it. Jesus got it.


M.T. Keshe gets it.


     He is on his path to bettering humanity and helping us stride forward toward a bright future, one in which peace and equality is the norm. One in which most of the problems we have today do not exist, where we shed the childish ways of current societal norm.

     Some people have been questioning the valididy of such a simple method of virus elimination, but let me elaborate on a few points for those people.


     First of all, colloidal silver has been used as a remedy for viruses for over 100 years, and copper is also known to exhibit the same effect as silver in that regard. Zinc is used to prevent fungus growth on roofs, which also shows the anti-microbial nature of that metal. Zinc and copper are the two main components of the One Cup One Life method, and the GANS created is on the smallest order of particle that it is to be actually considered plasma, instead of matter state metal.


     One should be able to discern that the theory is sound just from that information alone. All is easily verifiable.


     We learned, thanks to Marasu Emoto, that water has memory, and energy or intentions can be imprinted into water.


     Luc Montagnier (Nobel prize winner) even took this research into a different area, and was able to re-replicate DNA from only the sonic imprint left in water. Amazing.


     Since we know that water has memory and can retain information, and we know that GANS is on the smallest order of matter (plasma), and that the plasma is able to spin freely just like the sun or other stars, then we can assume by logical reasoning that the GANS would be able to imprint a plasmatic field into the water which could then be utilized in many different ways.


     That is exactly how the One Cup One Life works. The plasmasic fields have been absorbed, or imprinted, into the water from the GANS, and one only needs to be close to or intake the water to absorb the fields from it. Our bodies naturally assimilate these energies all day long, it is the only way to maintain equilibrium and stay alive. It is by the same mechanism that we receive all other types of energy, we just don’t notice it. Our body keeps a delicate balance, naturally, without our conscious awareness of it.


     In my opinion, the principle behind this technology is sound, and over time will be proven successful more and more.


     Research has been done on this topic, however, and during the Swine Flu outbreak in China, Mr. Keshe and his team went to see if they could help.

The results are released here.



     “African swine fever, before carrying out these three trials, was not considered to be reversible or preventable. The first trial was done on one pig, the second trial of 30 pigs and the third trial covered 829 pigs at different stages of infection. The application of the new space plasma technology demonstrated a new breakthrough in detection, prevention and reversal of viruses.”


     “The use of the new GANS plasma technology, brought the total death rate down and eventually eliminated both viruses, the ASFV and its mutation to the PRRS, and thus saved over 728 pigs, that otherwise would have been slaughtered. “


So, 728 / 829 = 87.81% of the pigs recovered due to the GANS water, nearly 9/10 of the hogs recovered.


Keshe Foundation received numerous letters from farmers thanking them, all of which can be seen in their findings report.


So, how does it work again?


     Basically, the plasmatic fields of the GANS are imprinted onto the water over 12-24 hours, then drinking that water or washing the body with that water will allow the body to utilize those plasmatic fields in order to replenish the current depleted plasmatic field state of the cells in the body. The body will take what it needs from the plasma to rebalance itself, automatically. Different GANS or composite GANS or GANS creation methods may help in different ways, all of which are being learned about and explored.


     According to Mr. Keshe, In the case of One Cup One Life, the virus gives its energy to the plasma and is depleted of life force, then releases the bond from the cells.


     Necessary vital nutrients such as Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Copper and Gold all seem to make very beneficial GANS. Each type of GANS water has different benefits and properties which may be utilized and are still being explored.


     Another beauty of GANS is that it may ‘charge’ water with plasmatic fields indefinitely, just like the sun. You can keep reusing the same GANS over and over to imprint plasmatic fields into your water. A small amount of GANS can literally create a never ending supply of plasma water!


     We are only beginning to understand this technology and the potential applications for it, but we as humans should appreciate these new findings.


     Mr. Keshe’s knowledge is far superior than what most people give him credit for, and we are all hoping someday to understand the secrets of the universe the way he does. We are very grateful for his teachings and hope to someday use this information to explore the cosmos, as we were meant to.


     Please share the video and help spark the change that will ignite the change and evolve our world, transcending the current boundaries of society.


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