One Cup One Life – Part 3 – Schematics, Twin Cups, Methods for Protection

     Thanks for taking the time to check out part 3 of this series on “One Cup One Life”, a powerful method utilizing simple universal technology to defend against viruses, specifically CoV-19.


     In the weeks since the initial release of this method, there has been much turmoil. A lot has changed in the state of the world since ‘the pandemic’ began. Italy is now completely shut down, the death toll climbs high in Italy and Iran as the rest of the world scrambles to figure out the best way to cope with the situation.


     The economies of the world are in a state of disarray and the supply chains are holding on by a thread, as across the U.S.A. everything is being systematically shut down. Things are not looking good for the “old system”, because most people can agree that things will never be the same again.


     Will the change be for the better or worse? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain.. the “One Cup One Life” method released by The Keshe Foundation is giving hope to many people and saving lives all over the world.


     People from many different countries have been taking part in learning about and experimenting with this new technology, many advances are being made each day. Mr. Keshe has been dedicating all of his time in recent teachings to teach people about how the system works and how the coronavirus works as well. He has been working with medical teams in many countries and is well aware of the situation in many different countries.


 A few great schematics have been made, here’s my favorite:

     Mr. Keshe also spent time teaching about how to make a non-powered setup with two cups, no battery is used and each cup feeds each other in an infinity loop.


Here is the schematic for that method:

Note: These schematics were originally in French but have been translated to English

     Mr. Keshe also described a method of increased production in a non-powered setup which includes additional plates outside the glass, utilizing the plasmatic field interactions for more production without having to have the additional plates in the water! Amazing! I will post more info about this in a later article.


     The Keshe Foundation also emphasized that since the virus may mutate or may be able to mutate, we may need different strengths and concentrations and differing conditions during creation to continually defeat it. Therefore, it is recommended to mix your batches of GANS together, to attain a variety of different plasmatic field strengths in your mix. This will help to create the best protection spectrum possible for your plasma water.


     I have been hard at work finding the best video clips within the Knowledge Seeker Workshops and other teachings, I’ve been cutting them out into clips which I post on our videos section.


     I have been working on a specific series of videos called “Instructions for Protection” which highlights the most important knowledge Mr. Keshe has been teaching us regarding this creation. Specific instructions are given as to how to use the plasma water appropriately and effectively. Specifics of how the coronavirus works are also included in his teachings. The videos have been created so that a person may watch these short clips instead of sifting for the most valuable footage within hours upon hours of teachings. Some people have less time or just want to find a clip about a specific purpose. I will continue growing this archive and making short videos from any important teachings.


Please check out the video section here.


     I also created a specific page with for the One Cup One Life method. I am continually updating it with new schematics as I find them and translate them into English. Any useful information or links that I come across will also be added.


Please check out the ‘One Cup One Life’ page here.


Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Peace, love, truth.

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