One Cup One Life – Part 1 – The Power of the Universe in a Cup

     Over the years , many critics have under-estimated Mr. Keshe’s knowledge of the universe as well as his inventions. However, as science acknowledges more and more of his research to be sound, the naysayers sit in silence, twiddling their thumbs.


     As the future unfolds, we will begin to understand how precious M.T. Keshe’s knowledge is to the future of humanity and how much respect we owe him for dedicating his life to bringing this technology to the world.


     All one has to do is browse youtube for “magrav videos”, “keshe plasma reactors” or “keshe plasma pen” and you will find many videos of people all over the world experimenting with this technology and having fantastic results. You could also read the many success stories in the Golden Age Of GANS facebook group, which has nearly 20,000 members.


     Mr. Keshe has been bringing the knowledge of the universe to humanity for over 10 years, he started out very early on by releasing a USB stick (1) to many nations across the world simulatenously. The USB stick  contained information so valuable to the future of humanity that it could only be released to every government simultaneously to prevent a single government from using this technology against all of the rest.


     There is a big and amazing difference between M.T. Keshe and most inventors. Most inventors are out to make a profit, while Keshe is merely trying to save the world.


     We all know too well how the patent office treats people and how the Government can easily get first pick of your patent and then lock it away into secrecy, such as what happened with Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone (2)


     Keshe believes his findings are so important that he released the knowledge free to the world and personally teaches people each week in his “Knowledge Seeker Workshops” which he has done over 300 of so far. That means he’s been doing this for over 300 straight weeks. That’s 6+ straight years of weekly teachings! Instead of focusing on profiting off of his research, he gives it freely to the world.


     Mehran Keshe speaks endlessly of world peace , ending poverty, starvation and disease through the use of this technology, which he grants freely to the world. His findings have potential applications in all areas of science, none are excluded. The findings have such vast and far reaching potential that it’s hard for people who are not familiar with the technology to understand the implications. The technology allows energy production without the use of fossil fuels, simple medical techniques suitable for space travel, methods for matter creation, energy applications in every aspect of science and so much more which cannot be named in a single article.


     People all over the world are finally waking up to the beauty and simplicity behind Keshe’s research. It’s causing us to rethink the way we look at the universe. It’s changing how we view light, elements, plasmas, energy and the universe itself. It’s changing the way we view oursevles. We will need to rewrite science books after people fully come to grips with technology presented by the Keshe Foundation.


     The world is now ready for this information. The world yearns for this change. The people are awakening to the deception plaguing our planet and lusting for the information which will set them free.


     In a time of great crisis, while the world is in the grips of the CoV-19 Wuhan Pandemic, Mr. Keshe has released an easy DIY technology which anyone can do at home for little money, specifically aimed at stopping that pandemic in its tracks. Specifically aimed at killing viruses. The Chinese people have been sharing his video virally and it is also one of the highest viewed videos the Keshe Foundation has ever released within in a matter of only a few weeks.


     The release of “One Cup One Life” created a wildfire of new knowledge seekers requesting information on this vast subject which one can only scratch the surface of in a single article. It’s causing the world to wake up to Keshe Technology.


     He specifically created “One Cup One Life” to be an easily created at home, never ending supply of virus killing plasma water for the people of China and the world. These simple technologies are designed to be able to replace existing health therapies which are not suitable for long term space exploration. M.T. Keshe is creating technologies which can simplify our life and allow us to explore the stars.


If you have not seen this video,

Click here

UPDATE – 2/10/2020: The original video has been removed from youtube. Video is now uploaded to and link is above! The legendary M.T. Keshe shall not be censored!



(1) : Original M.T. Keshe USB Stick

(2) : G. Patrick Flanagan – Secrecy Order for Neurophone


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Be the change you seek in the world.

Peace, love, truth.

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