Clifford Stone

     Clifford Stone has become a monumental figure in the disclosure movement. He served 22 years in the U.S. Army where he worked with an elite secret group which was dispatched to crash sites with orders to recover extraterrestrial craft, bodies and technology. He states that the recovery of these artifacts has allowed the U.S. government to make astounding advancements in science and technology which could benefit the world – if these discoveries were to be made public. He claims to have personally cataloged 57 species of alien life forms.



     His personal experience has made him a highly qualified expert in alien technology, black ops organizations/procedures, and the history of extraterrestrial contact.


Since his retirement, Stone has become devoted to diligently searching government archives and amassing one of the largest private collections of authentic government documents pertaining UFOs and extraterrestrials. He seeks the release of the all of the evidence, information and materials which show that intelligent life has been visiting our planet, and influencing our government, for a long time. (1)


Project Camelot has done some great interviews with Clifford, GAIA has also done some great interviews with him as well. There are probably a few more Clifford Stone interviews out there which I need to add to the video list, please contact me if you find one I should add. Thank you for your service to humanity, Clifford. May the force be with you.




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