Why Nikola Tesla was Obsessed with the Egyptian Pyramids

Here’s a good article about Tesla and his obsession with the Pyramids!

I knew I wasn’t the only one who was obsessed! Haha,

Here’s an excerpt:

“Nikola Tesla died somewhat unappreciated but his fame and the myth around him
has continued to grow tremendously into our times. He is now perceived
as the ultimate mad scientist, the one who essentially invented our times, credited with key ideas leading to smartphones, wi-fi, AC electrical supply system, and more.

Besides ideas that Tesla implemented and patented, he also had many other
interests in different fields of research, some quite esoteric. One of
the most unusual was his preoccupation with Egyptian pyramids, one of
humanity’s most mysterious and magnificent constructions.

Tesla believed they served a higher purpose and was investigating them
throughout his life. What did he find so alluring about the pyramids? He
wondered if they weren’t giant transmitters of energy – a thought that
coincided with his investigation into how to send energy wirelessly.”

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