The Morphogenic Field is Real & These Scientists Show How to Use It

Rupert Sheldrake has been trying to tell us that morphogenic fields exist for a long time, but science is finally starting to prove it.


Check out this amazing article out of the Resonance Foundation, here’s an excerpt:



“In a new study, Chris Jeynes and Michael Parker pose the question: How does nature produce such stunning symmetry and order in many systems observed across enormous scales? Under the microscope, a snowflake shows intricate patterning and remarkable symmetry, and in a telescope the same is observed for spiral galaxies up to half a million light years across.



Both of these systems are made of innumerable subunits (be they water molecules or stars and planets) which should behave completely oblivious to the overall configuration of the conglomerate. That is to say, the behavior of these systems at the scales that matter—the fundamental units of which they are composed— should be completely random aside from some formative causation arising from intermolecular or inter-gravitational interactions, which are not long-range.



The question then becomes what is the causative ordering parameters that results in chaotically interacting many-body systems coming together in spectacular symmetry and ordered geometrical configurations? The physics that describes the micro-scale ordering of a system is known as entropy, so obviously this is where we must turn.



When we talk about entropy, we have to remember that the idea of entropy was derived assuming an isolated or closed system where an increase of entropy is essentially an increase in the amount of “lost” energy. Thermodynamically speaking, the system will be tending towards a state of thermal equilibrium – a state where no more work can be done on the system, unless from external sources – this is the state of maximal entropy.



Historically, and even in some modern-day compelling theories, the causative ordering force was postulated to be a morphogenic field—a field that shaped the morphogenesis of objects much like a magnetic field would do to iron filings. Such a notion was swiftly dismissed by scientists as it was presumed to require some kind of magical force to exert the ordering influence, a force not known to physics.”



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