Salvatore Pais, the Savior of Our Nation?

With a title like that, one might be asking, ‘Who is Salvatore Pais and how could he possibly be my savior?’.


Good question. Well, there is great reason for this. The future of humanity depends upon it, actually. If you don’t read this article, you will be doing the world a great disservice. The knowledge imbued upon us through Salvatore has the potential to revolutionize every aspect of our society, if we learn about it and demand it.


This mythical period of time has been prophesied for eons;  A day when man will finally be able to harness the technology of the stars. A day when humanity will finally be allowed to climb out from under the boot of oppression which has been holding us back for so long.


Is that time now? May we crawl out from under the rock and join the rest of the cosmic kingdom now?


May we now slowly find our way toward the light?


Is it too late? Are we doomed to live as slaves in this broken society forever?

 I believe it is not too late.


I believe the best is yet to come.


Read on, brothers and sisters, let us unlock the universe together.

     Salvatore Pais is a name that is largely unknown to the masses but has recently lit up the airwaves of the fringe scientific community. This man has given hope to an otherwise dullened community, battered by years of censorship, oppression and disinformation. The people are yearning for peace, love and truth.


Out of the darkness appears Salvatore Pais. A shining beacon of hope in these troubled times.


Are you still wondering what I’m talking about?


     I’m talking about ‘free energy’ and ‘anti-gravity’ technology. I’m referring to the blatant censorship and lack of public/governmental acknowledgement of ‘over-unity’, or ‘free energy’ devices and ‘anti-gravity’ devices, among other things.

‘Free energy’ and ‘anti-gravity’ devices do exist, despite what the critics may have to say.

     Technology such as this has been created many times and are constantly shoved under the rug as to not disrupt the current power structure of humanity. That is all easily verifiable fact. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. All one has to do is spend a few hours learning about John Searl, Stanley Meyer, Tom Bearden, Kenneth Shoulders, Hal Puthoff, Stanton Friedman, David Adair or M.T. Keshe to know that there is more to this science than our current models present to us, and that it has all been hidden away from us. Until now.


The further down that rabbit hole you go, the more you will be mind blown by your discoveries.


     “Free Energy” is largely dismissed as being an impossibility because people like to use the scientific standpoint that “energy cannot be destroyed nor created, only transferred”, which may very well be true, but that doesn’t mean that “free energy” doesn’t exist. That also does not mean we completely understand the laws of the universe, or exactly how far we can bend those laws.


You’ve got to let it all go. Fear, doubt, disbelief.

Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?” 

-Morpheus, The Matrix


     “Free” also means without cost, so, another way to look at this phrase could be — energy without monetary cost. Humans have the ability to create technology in which more energy is output than what is put in, such is called an over-unity device. Salvatore Pais gives proof of this with his “plasma compression fusion device” which is poised to single-handedly revolutionize the energy industry (if we let it). A tiny device of this technology could power an entire city.


     These devices have been created countless times over the centuries, only to be ‘disproven’ by mainstream science repeatedly, until now. Some people will tell you this technology doesn’t work, but they are either wrong or bought and paid by the elite corporations. Obviously.


     But alas, finally we have a patent from the Navy certifying that this technology works and is operable. (1)

     Why do very few people know that these revolutionary patents exist and have been released to humanity via the U.S. Navy?  Why do very few people know that the reason cited for their release was to protect the American way of life? To protect against the Chinese becoming the first to have this technology (2). The Navy wanted the patents on this technology, or else they would be paying China every single time they wanted to make one of these devices. Fact!


     Not only that, China is not very friendly toward inventors. All inventions in China belong to China, no business secrets are allowed. The Chinese government own everything. The Chinese force businesses to give them all of their business secrets when operating out of China. (3)  All of that is easily verifiable. China is a communist state, the people are not free. The Chinese Government has just recently been accused by the US Government of being behind the Equifax breach and the Hauwei Scandal.


     There was also another scandal years ago where the Chinese were adding spyware chips into motherboards which were used by many companies in America. Only after noticing a chip that was not on the original design did America ever wake up to that spying corruption. How much damage had already been done?

     China has been after our trade secrets since day one — and not out to use it for good purposes, or save the world with said technology. They want to squelch us out, as they have stated and proven through their actions.


     They are out to oppress and overtake their ‘foes’ (anyone who disagrees with their communist ideology), through any means necessary.


     The Chinese Government has an extremely large and sophisticated team of hackers that specifically target massive infrastructure, such as Equifax.


They should be held accountable for those atrocities and for their oppression of truth!


They should be held accountable for murdering countless of their own citizens of dissent!

     I believe the Navy is trying to preserve the American way of life by releasing these patents, trying to prevent China from taking over the world. Literally. They are trying to maintain the lead going into space.  According to the Navy, we are currently ahead of China in the space race, but if we do not act soon — they will overtake us. (2,4)


     Is another cold war brewing? I don’t think so, but I think people are becoming more and more aware of the corruption and downright atrocity of the Chinese government. Therefore, much less willing to let it continue moving forward.


      People are demanding freedom, and the Chinese people deserve freedom, which is why we have seen the massive protests in Hong Kong recently as well as other MANY other places around the world… look it up.


     If you are unware of the corruption in China, please learn about how they are killing political dissidents for the last 75+ years, including Buddhists, Muslims and practicitioners of Falun Gong, Qi Gong, etc. They are harvesting the organs of these people, and there are “fast track lanes” in chinese airports for people visiting China just for an organ. (5) They are the leader in the illegal organ trade business. Although, they seem to think it’s legal to kill someone who disagrees with their ideology, then they harvest their organs and sell them. Sickening, huh? Why does the world allow this?


     Those organs are taken from living, innocent adults who have been considered non-human due to their difference in religious or philosophical beliefs.  How could anyone consider a Buddhist a non human? Or anyone for that matter? How could a person or government ever consider an innocent person not fit for life? How is that okay?


What universe are we in, where this is okay?

This is not okay.


      How could anyone hunt down and kill some of the most peaceful people on earth? I think people need to start waking up to the atrocities that are being committed as we speak, in China. How can the people of China sit idlely by as people are rounded up and exterminated? They aren’t! That is why more people than ever were protesting in China and Hong Kong, and the government did everything it could to stop the protests!


     What happened last time , in Tiananmen Square? Most people aren’t even aware that on that day, communism almost died. People became aware of the atrocities.


It’s happening all over again.


Are we paying attention this time?

The chinese population are merely statues, powerless to stop hungry tyrants. They plead to us for freedom.

     Things are different in America. Things may not be perfect here, but we have the American way. We have our neighbors, we have our friends, we have each other. We have love for our country and humanity. We have pride in our heart and the will to stand up against tyrants. We have freedom of speech. We have the fire of love for humanity and nothing can squelch it out. That is the beauty of America. That is the American Way. That is what makes America great.


Do we respect it? Will we be able to keep it?


     We, in America, are a beacon of light shining hope down on humanity. The fakestream news will have you believe that America is not that shining beacon of light, that we are a failed, falling, miserable country.


But that is not so!


They only say these things because they wish for that light to be extinguished. They wish to make us powerless. They wish to silence our souls, which are filled with passion and desire for freedom. They are tools of the state, wolves in sheep’s clothing.


     They want us to live in a world with no hope. They desire the reality of which they speak, but we cannot allow it to happen. By finding the answers to dark truths, we free ourselves. By leading others through grace and love, we free others. By forgiving and moving forward, we change the world.


     There is a reason the rest of the world wants to be like the USA, there is a reason the world wants the small resemblence of freedom that we have. Most places in the world do not even enjoy that simple luxury, they do not even have a slight resemblance of freedom, they do not even have a chance at change. They are powerless.


     We have a chance here, we have a choice. We can stand up and make our voice heard. We can demand change and progress. We can push forward. We can fight through oppression. Here, we can at least attempt to use our free speech and the free market system to expose the corruption, bettering our world.


     The people of the United States of America need to wake up to all of the atrocities around the world, and realize their true purpose as a beacon of light and hope for humanity, leading the world through positive example.

May we be the spark that will ignite the change, fueling the future of humanity? Be the change.

     Through technology like such has been released by Salvatore Pais, a new world shall be ushered in, one where corruption and greed is no longer the norm. A world full of love, abundance and happiness.


     We are almost there, we just have to get through the hardest part first. Don’t let other people think for you, figure out these answers for yourself. Don’t believe my words. Look it up. Discern. Find the truth yourself. Humanity depends on it.


     There is no better time than now to start making the changes to better yourself for the future. There is no better time than now to start digging into the things which have been on your mind lately, to start putting the pieces together. To start finally attempting to see the picture as a whole, instead of a compartmentalized perspection proposed to you by a corrupted society.


Now is the time for us all to wake up and accept that the future is what we make of it!


     Could it be that the media is complicit in controlling the narrative to protect those in power, such as we have seen proven time and time again? Could the news be intentionally not broadcasting the dire information, to protect the current power structure and status quo? Could it be? Why on earth does the whole world not know of Salvatore Pais by now?


     If everyone knew we could make more power than the largest power plant in the world, with almost no input power, in a box barely larger than a shoebox.. would we really need to pay for power? Would we really need to pay for Gas? Would we really need to pay.. for food? Or medicine? Simple answer, no.


     These technologies propose a brighter future for humanity, one in which humans are allowed to thrive, as opposed to living in a system of artificial scarcity, which we live in currently.


     “Free energy” is a term most people will instantly discredit, but once they become aware of ‘gravity’ of the situation, they will wake up rather quickly to the fact that this technology does exist, and has existed for a while. More on that later in my next article.


     In case you’re not aware, thousands of world-changing patents are held in secrecy due to “national security”, when in actuality, those patents could be the key to fixing our planet. Patents such as Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone, which is the most powerful IQ boosting tool on the planet, were locked away in secrecy for years. People estimate between 3000-5000 patents are currently being held in secret, instead of being allowed to revolutionize society. (6)

“You can’t have free energy interfering with your bills! You must pay your dues, FOREVER!”

-The Elitist Corporations of the World

Is humanity finally ready for that next step?


Has the power of the human spirit finally grown strong enough to stand up to the oppression of truth?


Read on and you be the judge.


Enter, Salvatore Cezar Pais.

The power of the human spirit is awakening to the grand deception, soon all will be revealed.

     Let me assure you that the technologies presented by this man are poised to change the world. He is a highly respected hyperspace engineer who has written much on the subject and is dedicated to bettering humanity, although it is only recently coming to light. I will be writing a full biography about him in due time.


     For those who are interested, here are the patents by Salvatore Pais. Please take the ample time to digest and understand these revolutionary new technologies:


Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

High frequency gravitational wave generator

Piezoelectricity-induced Room Temperature Superconductor

Plasma Compression Fusion Device

Electromagnetic field generator and method to generate an electromagnetic field

     Salvatore has created some very interesting patents and since the Navy has asserted that these patents are operable (1), we can only assume they have working models already and perhaps have already been using this technology for years.


     “Craft using inertial mass reduction device” goes against almost all aspects of currently accepted science. Most critics will say this is simply not possible, that one cannot “nullify gravity”. I beg to differ. This theory of gravity nullifcation has been proven time and time again by different researchers, and recently scientists have even discovered how to use sound for anti-gravity purposes (although much different).


     Salvatore’s ‘theoretical’ device basically creates a large EMF field which nullifies the gravity inside it, allowing it to travel ‘in a protected bubble’ through any medium.. air, water, space. The craft looks very similar to the TR3B that has been spotted many times (7) , and is the subject of many conspiracy theories. The TR3B is reported to go on numerous multi-year unmanned flight missions, how would that be possible with current technology? It wouldn’t. They aren’t telling us everything. When have they ever?

      Every patent is worth mentioning and raises many questions, but let’s discuss “Piezoelectricity-induced Room Temperature Superconductor ” for a minute.


      This patent proves correct a long standing myth about room temperature superconductors being a viable creation. However, many people aren’t aware that similar technology was already created and released freely to the public over 10+ years ago by M.T. Keshe, a well known nuclear engineer / astrophysicist.


      M.T. Keshe teaches methods of turning a simple copper wire into a room-temperature superconductor via nanocoating (8),  and many people all over the world have been using his methods and technologies to unlock the next wave of human potential.  Keshe’s work ties directly into Salvatore’s, and I’m sure glad Salvatore was able to patent his room-temp superconductor. Now people can start realizing the truth about M.T. Keshe’s amazing technology and finding the correlations between the two. Keshe is already working on spaceship technology, as well as health applications of such technology to replace doctors in space. The naysayers will remain in silence as these fundemental discoveries are being made.


You can find Keshe’s work at

or on his the KFSSI Youtube Channel

M.T. Keshe, nuclear astrophysicist, is pictured freely teaching the world about his room temperature superconductor technology, which he still does today. Keshe has given over 300+ free workshops teaching about this technology.

Still unsure how Salvatore Pais could be ‘your savior’? 

What if his name actually means Savior?


     The most curious thing about Salvatore Pais may actually be his name itself, which may very well be a pseudonym. Is Salvatore a real person? Most likely, but check this out..


     We can’t be sure, because someone realized very early on that the name Salvatore Pais can be translated into, “Savior of Our Nation” or “Saviour of Our Family”, in multiple languages. I verified this on Google Translate, I encourage you to do it yourself also. You will find that in numerous languages, the words Salvatore and Pais can be translated to “Savior of our Nation” or “family”.


     Is this a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that someone with the name “Savior of Our Nation” released (5) energy patents which are poised to revolutionize every aspect of society, at one of the most crux points in history?


When no other person in history was allowed to bring these technologies to humanity?


Coincidence? Yeah, right.. If you think that’s a coincidence, think again.


Providence? Maybe.

What do you think?


     I will be writing more about this exciting technology as time progresses. Stay tuned for my next article, helping to unlock and reveal the secrets of the universe through scientific and spiritual knowledge.  I will also be exploring how we can utilize these theories and research within our own lives and applying these aspects to current society.


Ponder on how can we bridge the gap and lead humanity to a brighter future. That is your homework.

If you find any error in my article or have information which I need to add, please contact me.

May the force be with you.

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